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St Paul Boudoir Photography is not just a studio – it’s a sanctuary where the beauty, strength, and spirit of every woman are celebrated. At the helm of our studio, Wendy Maybury masterfully blends a spirit of self-empowerment with artistic flair in every session. With over 20 years of experience, Wendy’s journey from the bustling streets of New York City to the laid-back ambiance of LA, and finally to the warm and welcoming Midwest, has shaped a unique photography style that is both empowering and sensual.

Our Philosophy – Empowerment Through the Lens

At St Paul Boudoir Photography, we believe in the power of a photograph to transform how a woman sees herself. Our philosophy is simple – every woman deserves to feel confident, gorgeous, and empowered. We’re here to shape a sanctuary where your open-heartedness turns into might, and every ounce of doubt blossoms into fierce self-acceptance.

Every shoot we design is a celebration of you; whether it’s a quick solo session to boost your confidence or a more personal couple’s experience that reflects the journey you’ve shared. We get how crucial these snapshots in time are, and we’re all about capturing them with a keen eye for detail, original flair, and top-notch professionalism.

Our Services – A Session for Every Story

From individualized mini sessions to elaborate custom experiences, we offer a variety of boudoir photography packages to fit every need and budget. Each session at St Paul Boudoir Photography is an opportunity to explore and express yourself in a supportive and luxurious environment. With options like à la carte image purchasing and special product bundles, we ensure that your boudoir experience is as unique as you are.

Connect with Us

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Swing by our studio in St Paul, or give us a ring at 612-453-4686 to chat about setting up your free boudoir photography consultation. Let’s talk about crafting a boudoir photo shoot that truly reflects and celebrates your individuality. Swing by St Paul Boudoir Photography—let’s team up to artfully capture the essence of your personal saga.

Meet Wendy Maybury
The Heart Behind the Lens

Wendy Maybury, a certified master photographer, is the creative force behind St Paul Boudoir Photography. Wendy’s journey to celebrate the strength and beauty of women through her lens began over twenty years ago. After honing her skills in the high-paced world of New York City and absorbing the artistic influences of LA, Wendy found her calling in boudoir photography.

Wendy’s technique is all about really getting you and offering a kind ear; it’s what makes her boudoir shots so powerful. Wendy knows firsthand how daunting it can feel to be in front of the camera. Guided by her sharp insight, Wendy shapes a sanctuary where every woman can relax, feeling celebrated and poised to capture their unique allure on camera. Wendy excels at drawing out a woman’s inner glow, creating photographs that are as emotionally stirring as they are visually breathtaking.

Wendy captures the beauty and spirit of each woman uniquely. From the first-timer to the seasoned pro, Wendy and her team ensure that every session is a transformative experience.

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